Project Notes

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Great competition, great prizes, and a great team behind it! I was impressed with the friendly efficiency of the organisation, and how they combined internet and in-person contact to best effect. The Science Museum event was packed out


  • To encourage trial of Microsoft® Office 2007
  • To maintain awareness of the product
  • To promote the roadshows and event showcasing the product
  • To reinforce the campaign message, ‘new day, new office’


‘Visions of the Future’ was a fully integrated campaign delivered. Countrywide roadshows showcased Office 2007 and the campaign finale was an event at The Science Museum in London.

The online competition was at the heart of the campaign. Hosted on a microsite which was designed by myself, it required users to describe which technology would have the biggest impact on our working life in 50 years time. The site included video content about Office 2007 and clicked through to trials.


  • Over 1.1m ad impressions delivered (with 0.11% CTR) across the online campaign
  • 800 competition entries against a target of 500
  • Over 300 people at the awards event and trials at the UK roadshows target exceeded
  • A compelling competition that clearly engaged Microsoft’s target audience of tech savvy readers
  • concept
  • design
  • Flash
  • integrated ad campaigns
  • Photoshop
  • storyboard
  • UI Design
  • Wireframe

Design Elements